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Captain Robert Elmore


The Layne Jean is a fully licensed and insured charter boat located in New Smyrna Beach Florida. It's a just a short drive from the Daytona Beach area. Please don't hesitate to call me to customize a trip just for you. My rates can vary due to the type of dive excursion you would like to have. A Dive Master is available to lead your dives upon request. You can email me if you like but this is not always the quickest way to contact me, as I'm out on the water a lot of the time.

Off shore in this area you will find colorful reefs, shipwrecks, massive schools of fish, lobstering, and plenty of spearfishing. The East Coast of Florida is host to some of the largest lobsters in the United States. This area also produces large sized flounder, grouper, snapper & cobia just to name a few.

Here's a list of some of the local wrecks we dive. Ranging from 13-25 miles off-shore.

  • USS Mindanao 446 FT Liberty Ship, 80 FSW
  • Rio Yuna Ship 217 FT Ship, 80 FSW
  • Semarca Ship 76 FT Utility Vessel, 80 FSW
  • Atlas Barge 100 FT Barge, 80 FSW
  • Maxine D 165 FT Supply Vessel, 80 FSW
  • Alexandra McAllister Tug 100 FT Tug, 80 FSW
  • Thomas H Tug 100 FT Tug, 80 FSW

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